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Unlimited digital access to the best tools for the growing salesperson with serious ambitions.


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Turn your skills up to 11 million.

Improve your natural talents and amass new, cutting-edge abilities to sell.

  • More accessible than any sales coach
  • Multiple levels of resources and guidance
  • No long-term contracts or commitments
  • A community that celebrates your wins


Help your team hit your targets.


Pump your salespeople full of skill, so they can squeeze out every sale.

  • Skip the dedicated coach’s paycheck
  • Train 100 salespeople with just one click
  • Give your people a sense of belonging
  • Delegate management to our team

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Articles that move The Needle.

“There’s more to sales than
just getting them to buy.”

An insightful piece by one of our alumni that explores the virtues of brand loyalty over high-ticket sales.

“That’s when I realized:
I’m a salesman!”

The heartwarming journey of a struggling business owner who then found sales to be his greatest passion.

“5 ways to stop selling,
and still make the sale.”

These counterintuitive tactics should never work. And yet, they work every single time, and don’t feel like work at all.

The excitement sells itself.